Gunther & CeCe
This is a tumblr dedicated to the Gunther/CeCe pairing from Disney Channel's 'Shake It Up', as well as the friendship between the actors, Kenton Duty and Bella Thorne.

"You're amazing! You repeat that & I'll cut off your legs."
"Well you could only be as good as your partner. Ever repeat that & I'll hand you the knife."

** this tumblr is not spoiler-free!

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CeCe and Tinka approve of their boyfriends’ new looks 


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Anonymous said: I ship Runther and I dont ship GeCe at all.. But nice blog! It's weird.. I don't ship GeCe, but I like the dance in Split It Up.

That’s really sweet of you, thank you! Their dance was pretty awesome. :D

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ohlookafandom said: Hi! I'm a new roleplay! I roleplay as GeCe! Come check out out Baybee!

Awesome! Everyone check it out. :)

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summerminch-official-deactivate said: I can't. This blog. Is everything. I ship in life. <3 Thank you. That is all.

You’re too sweet! Thank you. <3

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Anonymous said: Your opinion on Surprise It Up

I loved it. It showed a kind of love/hate relationship the two have going on. It was really playful, and the way Gunther was bugging her about her “liking him” was really cute. And even though CeCe was clearly annoyed, it was funny how she acted around him; she didn’t stay way across the room or move away from him when he was sitting close to her. Good episode for them.

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